Pan (1995)

Pan1 630 532In conceiving Pan I wanted to convey the off-screen as a positive physical space existing between two section of an image: a space the referent at first denies (through the flow of movement from one section of the image to another); then exposes (as the camera begins to move), and which is finally maintained dialectically in the tension between the indices of the absent space and those of the physical proximity within the frame of the two scenes comprising the overall image.  The frustration of the illusion of an off-screen space, acquires meaning through the constant motion of the seated couple into the void, and final entrance of the solitary figure into screen right.  Through the use of a formal device (i.e. a pan, a split screen) I impose a story over the obtuse images of the documented material.  The form becomes the plot; it is an event the figures undergo.

Directed, shot and edited by Tirtza Even with the help of Gerard Lynn.

The production of Pan was made possible through The Interactive Telecommunication Program at N.Y.U